Things that Kon-el would do.



Well that got real tense real fast didn’t it? Teddy had to bite back a nervous chuckle. That usually meant that he was stressing over things too much. Maybe he should take up Kate’s advice and start talking to someone.

But that was something that he could think about later. If any subject was the way to brighten the mood, Billy was definitely the one. An affection smile tugged on Teddy’s lips as he gestured to the door. “You just missed him. He needed to run out to get a few things. He should be back soon.” The cravings were starting to take over, and Billy had insisted that he was still capable of going to the grocery store on his own.

Teddy debated whether or not to warn him about the guest, but decided to let the surprise remain. It might make him feel better. “Are you going to stay for Dinner? I promise Bee’s the one cooking.”


Still munching on her latest insane, irresistible craving — a fresh-baked, frosted, sprinkle-covered donut from the greasiest bodega on the block — Billy had her other purchases dangling from her elbow as she headed up to the apartment. Kate was right; sometimes, a girl just needed to shop. The longer she spent in this form, the more she was unconsciously starting to act the part. Thankfully Teddy was taking it all in stride, eternal good sport he was.

In any case, she now had pants that fit better and shoes that didn’t need three pairs of socks to fit her feet. Which had started swelling lately, making that even more uncomfortable.

The door was unlocked, meaning Teddy had to be home, so she swung in all smiles, a smear of sticky frosting with a couple of sprinkles clinging to it smeared on her cheek. “I’m home~”


    Speaking with people wasn’t always on the agenda with Conner, he had people to speak with, but it did not mean that he’d confine to doing so. It was obvious that he was not his usual cheery mood, but thinking on such depressing topics like that, made even the strongest of beings sad. 

   Conner was glad the somber topic was fading back for now. Bringing up Billy was a good choice, since it seemed to be one of the things to cheer Teddy up in almost immediate stands. Same for him really, mention someone memorable to his life, it brought back a smile in the most blackest of nights.

   ” Snaps. ” Finger snapping in unision to the words. ” Bad timing on my part. ” Letting out a light chuckle.  ” If Billy doesn’t mind me staying over, then I’ll take the offer. ” Never did have a home cooked meal from a friend.

   Door opened, attention turning to the general direction to see a lady entering…in…a..fashionable state. That…Was a attractive sight going on here, the lady sure likes her strange cravings of food, must be a new fashion to have sprinkles smeared on their face. Kon under the assumption that the visitor was Kate.  ”. Um..Teddy, I thought you said Kate was off somewhere else? ” Obviously Kon had not made the direct connection that the lady barging through the door was not their target striker, but a certain Wiccan. Had Kon missed something here, because the obvious face of confusion was plastered all over his expression.

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…I’m awake

" I know you’re the Night a’n all, but that’s too long of a sleep.


" Ugh! Brush your teeth next time, nasty pal!


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Bruce gave half a smile when the young man asked for the business man to send regards to Luscious, but he said nothing  about it and instead observed E2-E616 and how the mechanic talked to it. Bruce didn’t understand how someone could give respect to an object like an android despite how human it looked it remained an object to the man. They were machines, meant to be used and nothing more. Even with all the chips and sensors those things had, they were still objects for Bruce even if Alfred had a different opinion about it.

"Of course. Give me somewhere to write you my number up, though, I can’t promise I’ll pick him up straight away. I’m a very busy man and he is just my toy, so it can wait." When Conner gave him something to write his number, he did and left saying "Take good care of him."

The android was always well dressed to look presentable in public and so, even for going to the mechanic, the android had a formal attire. They clothes were very soft to the touch, but the android had no sensor for feeling so he couldn’t tell. 

Right after Bruce left the shop, the android blinked a few times before turning his gaze to the mechanic. “I’ve been told you’ll upgrade me, but I haven’t been told what kind of upgrades you’ll give me. Will you mind telling me?” The androids had some strict rules they never brake and one of them was that they never moved or talk without authorization or being addressed directly. E2-E616 seemed to be unique for more than his appearance, he could also bend the rules when he wanted and was smart enough not to do it in front of his master. 



    A stark comparison that Wayne would notice from all the other mechanics as that there no androids roaming around, tending to the workshop. Conner had a belief, one that many did not share, that Androids could be very much like humans, through the sensors and chips installed, there were feelings, that they could feel without such things. The logic that an android could be afraid and even devastated over loss, but he suppose to someone like Mister Wayne, who was more of a practical man in materials, he probably saw the Android as nothing more then a tool and ideal possession.
                     Sad really..but his comment was retracted in silence over that subject.

   It was a touchy subject. One which some rather abrupt activist have been playing a horrible part in causing riots and protest, giving those who wanted to voice reason in a calm manner a bad name. 

   Tugging out a notepad with a pen, it was handed over for Wayne to scribble his number down on, tucking it back into the front pocket once handed back over. “ Understandable. I’m aware of you being a busy man and will take that into consideration, but if it’s of the utmost importance, then I will have to drop the respecting your schedule to ensure you are aware of trouble. ”    Then the big man was gone, left alone with the Android. Time was a thing most delicate with Mister Wayne it seemed and he’d be careful to ensure that the elder man’s privacy would be well in his thought.

 As his attention was now to the care of the young looking android seated.  The sudden question was a surprise to the mechanic, normally left androids never asked him any questions unless commanded by their owner, even after they were left in his care, it was normally silent, E2- E616 was indeed very special. The change had him smiling a little, head shaking simply. “ Not at all. ” Getting the necessary gears set up, while he answered the question.  ” I’ll be upgrading your system that you’ll be able to feel, smell, well even taste if you wanted but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. ” Standing before the android now. ” My name is Conner. ” Hand being held out.